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Created: 21 May 2017
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21 May, for the Abkhaz & Adyghe [Circassian] people, is the Commemoration Day to remember those who have suffered and died during their exodus from their homeland Caucasus. All of the Ubykh, 90 percent of the Adyghe, and 60 percent of the Abkhaz-Abaza people were deported to the Ottoman Empire during the 19th Century. Though the year 1864 - the end of the Russo-Caucasian Wars - is taken as a symbol, their mass deportations started long before and lasted till much later than that year. Today, in every country where the Abkhaz-Adyghe diaspora lives; in various places in the Circassian Republics of the North West Caucasus and in Abkhazia Commemoration events took place. #abkhazia #21May #Commemoration Photos by @oubykh_hoi